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Installing Teaching.Codes Plug-in

You can find the directions for installing Teaching.Codes plug-in for CMPE150C and CMPE160 courses below.
Make sure you follow the directives in the installation documents step by step.

WindowsLinuxMac OS X
Plugin installation directives Document for Windows Document for Linux Document for MacOSX
Download Files ZIP file for Windows workspace.zip
TAR.GZ-part1 file for MacOSX
TAR.GZ-part2 file for MacOSX

You may also find a brief tutorial for creating C projects in Eclipse here.

Archieve Questions

You may download some archieve questions here to practice before the exams/quizzes.

Password Changes

You may change your password using the "User Menu / Change Password" link on the upper right corner of this page.

Please use the "Send New Code" button to receive a password reset verification code in your e-mail, if you cannot remember your current password.

You can also change your password using the "Change Password" section of the Eclipse plugin.